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I was there most of the time for my friends and family. I put everyone first before myself. I care way to much about other people's feelings rather than mine. All of this just breaks me down piece by piece. No one notices that sometimes when I talk to them I'm just on the edge of breaking down. The thing I hate the most is crying in front of others. Even if I do, it's fake. Unless, I feel really upset and can't take it anymore.

What I want is just someone to be there for me whenever I'm on the edge. To be there to pull me in before I fall. I don't give good advice, but people come to me for it and I'm always there to help, to listen, to lend a hand, a shoulder to cry on and what not. But, I just wanted someone to be there, some I could text or call and tell them everything without getting any judgement from anyone. I want people to listen to me. Sometimes, I don't need the advice, I know what's right for me so I don't need people reminding me. I just want them to listen. It just turns out that no one will be there.

Everyone bashes out at me. Why? I put everyone's happiness before my own. Yeah, I tend to argue about almost everything. I critique people. I say a lot of stuff I don't mean! But, that's just to cover up what I really feel. Over the years, I have learnt that showing the weak side of you just shows how stupid you are. After a while, people will be fed up! They wouldn't want to hear your petty problems anymore or even your big ones. Even their advice would be shitty and not helpful at all. Well, that's it for you then. If only someone would just listen.

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